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BROCKHAMPTON, SATURATION III. The Message Is Clear. Inclusivity and Respect.

The last of the Saturation trilogy, III brings together everything BROCKHAMPTON is all about. The group has truly redefined what it means to be a boy band. No longer is the narrative based on straight, white men singing pop songs, but rather, has shifted to be more inclusive. Black, white, straight, gay, short, tall, “ugly”, beautiful, whatever. BROCKHAMPTON does not judge. Seemingly anyone can relate. Their lyrics are real. Everyone in the group is undoubtedly very talented. They may really be the world’s greatest boy band like they claim to be. Why not? They are pushing boundaries and redefining cultural norms that should have been reevaluated years ago. Nobody is doing what they are doing, the way they are doing it. The chemistry between band members has definitely improved since their past albums. Their message is clear: inclusivity and respect.

The first song on the album, “BOOGIE” starts off strong and fast, without easing the listener into the album. From there on out, the album is filled with dense, powerful lyrics, riddled with innovative beats. The album can generally be categorized as a rap album, but in songs like “BLEACH”, “RENTAL”, and “HOTTIE” there are lots of pop singing segments with auto tuned vocals and light beats. BROCKHAMPTON exemplifies a traditional boy band pop sound with the last song on the album, “TEAM”. Overall, the album proves the versatility of rap as a genre, having the potential to incorporate all sorts of styles of music into the mix.

They called this their last studio album, but they have never recorded in a studio, rather in their LA home. BROCKHAMPTON is not over. We can expect more from them. Their legacy will continue. Kevin Abstract, Ameer Vann, Matt Champion, Merlyn Wood, Dom McLennon, Rodney Tenor, Bearface, Russell Boring, and everyone else involved in BROCKHAMPTON deserve the utmost respect. We should all be excited to see where the project goes next.

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