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"Relaxation To Your Fashion" - An Interview with Victor Henderson, Founder of Milwaukee Ba

Please introduce yourself. How and when did Dolph Golph begin?

I am Victor Henderson originally born in Monrovia, Liberia in West Africa. I am an intended double business major in marketing and supply chain management at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. Growing up in a African household the way you present yourself to others is very huge, so when it came to dressing, our parents wanted us dressed appropriate and respectful. That meant no sagging or wrinkled clothes. I’ve always been into fashion growing up. I was watching the TV show, New Girl, sometime in February of 2016 when Winston (a character on the show) said “a shark golfing, now I’ll buy that T-shirt” and ideas just started flooding into my mind. Originally I was going to call it Shark Masters (the masters being one of golf’s biggest tournaments) but all my sketches of sharks were coming out as dolphins so I changed it to Dolphin Golfin cause it rhymed. Then I was watching “Meet The Parent“ and in a scene where Ben Stiller meets his girlfriend’s brother, there’s a poster in the teenager’s room of Lil Kim and someone says “she’s fat... with a ph” so I thought I could cut dolphin to Dolph, and Spell golf with a “ph” and from there I started working on logo ideas.

What does the brand represent?

Dolph is short for Dolphin and Golph is a unique spelling for Golf, dropping the "f" and adding "ph". Our aesthetic is a mixture of Dolphins, Golf and modern street-wear. Apart from dolphins being relaxing to watch at aquariums they're also Peaceful and intelligent mammals. Like humans, dolphins exhibit empathy and altruism, and they even mourn their dead. Golf is not only just a sport, but a discipline of concentration. It is an exercise in search of the perfect swing that is practiced in a peaceful and relaxing natural environment. All of our designs are carefully thought out so that they are conceptually cohesive to the relaxing concept of Dolphin and Golf. Paying attention to detail is a major concern of ours. We make sure everything is perfect from the moment an item leaves our hands to when it arrives in your doorstep. Our main goal is to create great products by bringing "Relaxation to your fashion."

Who or what are some of your biggest influences. Why did you want to start a clothing brand?

A friend of my brother started a clothing line called “Black God” and for month I just studied how he operated his business and I saw things I liked and things I could do differently. Then I read about successful entrepreneurs, stylists, and African Americans designers, mainly to see how they started out. Lastly, I would say my father. He plays a major role in the way I dress, ever since he showed me at the age of 5 how to tie a neck tie, so I get a lot of my taste in clothes from him. When I was little I had dreams of becoming a professional athlete. I wanted to have my own signature shoes. So I always wanted to have something with my name behind it that other people wanted.

At the fashion event where we first met, I saw a large group of people roll up together wearing Dolph Golph.

What's up with that? Is there a Dolph Golph crew or...?

At the show I had a lot of people wearing my clothing. These people are my brand ambassadors and they help market my clothing. I also had with me our crew that we call Kr36 there to support me.

You have worked with J.R. Donato in the past. What is your connection like with Wiz Khalifa's record label, Taylor Gang?

I have no connection with Taylor Gang other than the friendship I have with J.R. Donato. We didn’t officially meet until 2016 through my best friend KrJaZzz, where I learned we actually went to the same high school and rode the same bus. J.R. Donato dropped out sophomore and decided to pursue music. Next thing you know, senior year he’s on wiz album 28 grams “handle my biz”.

Who are some other people you would be interested in working with in the future?

I hope to one day collab with; Wiz, Migos, Sefaree, Fabulous, Uzi and other artists that have a big fashion platform.

Do you have any recommendations for other up and coming musicians, artists, or clothing brands we should check out?

KrJaZzz is an artist that should be looked at cause he’s very talented and has a smooth vibe flow.

What is next for Dolph Golph?

I’m in the process of dropping my second Springs titled “Golph Galaxy” and I’m working on reaching out to people with a love for fashion and broadening our audience.

Check out Dolph Golph on Instagram at @dolphgolphklothing

or take a look at their apparel here on their site.

Listen to KrJaZzz on here.